Gizmogo vs Gazelle – What’s the best option if you’re selling used devices?

Gizmogo vs Gazelle – What’s the best option if you’re selling used devices?

Most of us have at least one or few used electronic devices we no longer need. These items are usually lying around in a drawer somewhere. We all know ‘that drawer’. Fortunately, there are few options when it comes to getting rid of used electronic devices and you can get some cash for them as well. There are two prominent sites that buy used electronic devices and here we’ll take a look at Gizmogo vs Gazelle and try to determine which is a better option for you if you’re looking to get rid of your old smartphone or some other device.

Selling used devices

It’s not just devices we no longer use and no longer need, you can also sell a fully functional, relatively new smartphone if you’re looking to upgrade to a newer version. Statistics show that people tend to get a new smartphone once in every two years, or even sooner.

However, two years is not a very long period, so in most cases, when people buy new phones, their old smartphones are still fully functional and can be used. Leaving fully functional devices lying around means you’re losing money each day. Therefore, you should definitely consider shipping these devices to a company that buys old devices. The two companies we mentioned have a similar approach, but there are significant differences, so this Gizmogo vs Gazelle comparison will be of use for all potential sellers of used electronic devices.

Whether Gizmogo or Gazelle is a better option for you will depend on the cell phone trade-in value which will be offered by the company, as well as few additional factors. We will first look at Gazelle and how it works and tell you a bit more about Gizmogo and how we operate. The final decision is yours.

The concept of Gazelle

Gazelle allows people to buy and sell used devices. But, unlike platforms where the sales are peer to peer, Gazelle isn’t just a medium, or a facilitator of the sales. Here people sell devices to the company and those who wish to buy used devices buy them directly from the company.

As soon as you enter the site, you get to choose whether you want to buy or sell. The range of devices that are accepted and offered is quite limited. You can sell different types of smartphones, though a very limited array of models are accepted.

Sell on Gazelle

Let’s take a look at the sell options and then the buy options on Gazelle. The process is explained, and it looks rather simple. First you get an offer on the device, then you get to ship it for free provided that its estimated price is at least $1 and then once the device is received by Gazelle, you will get paid, either by Amazon gift card, PayPal or check. Gazelle claim that you will be paid fast, but there is no specification as to how fast you’ll get paid.

In addition to getting funds for each device you sell, you also earn Gazelle reward points. One point is awarded for every dollar that you get in value for your device. These points can be redeemed over your next sell. By redeeming the points you increase the value of the device, i.e. get more money for the device. The points are added to your account as soon as the device is traded in. Gazelle doesn’t accept devices that have been lost or stolen, but that’s pretty self-explanatory.

If you take a look at the list of devices that are accepted, you will notice that it includes iPhones, Samsung phones, Google phones, as well as iPads, MacBooks and iPods. So, the rage of Android smartphones that are accepted is pretty limited, in fact, it’s just Samsung phones that are accepted by Gazelle. We will go through the conditions and the devices that are accepted at Gizmogo, but let’s just say that the range of devices is far wider.

Buy a device from Gazelle

If you choose the buy option you will be taken to a different display and you will see the most commonly bought devices. You can choose from different models of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, iPads, and MacBooks and few other devices that you can choose from a different menu, but again, the range is pretty limited.

You will see the lowest price at which a particular phone was offered, whereas when you’re selling phones the largest possible price is advertised.

One final note on Gazelle. The company is linked to ecoATM and there’s a link to ecoATM on the site. You will be warned that you are leaving the site and that different prices and options are offered at ecoATM.

Gizmogo and how it works

Gizmogo is a company that buys used devices. Getting a quote is really easy, it can be done on site, right after you give a few bits on information on your device. When it comes to the range of devices that are accepted it is a lot wider. Firstly. It is not just smartphones and tablets. You can sell phones, laptops, consoles, smartwatches, drones, headphones and many more.

If you’re selling a smartphone, you will need to let Gizmogo now what is your carrier, the phone capacity and its condition. The question regarding the condition is the most important and has the biggest impact on the offered price.

When the price is offered, provided that you accept it, you will get a free shipping quote. Once the device reaches Gizmogo, the company’s expert will reevaluate it and if the price is confirmed you will get your money within 24 hours. You get to choose the payment method and you can get the money in cash.

You can sell more than one device, and even if the device you would like to sell isn’t on the list or isn’t worth a single dollar, you could still ship it free of charge. Gizmogo will take care of it and recycle it safely.

In many ways, if you’re looking to sell used electronic devices, Gizmogo is a much better and more logical option for you.

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