Can I sell my iPhone if I still owe money? Find out!

Can I sell my iPhone if I still owe money? Find out!

The history of cell phones is long and eventful, it didn’t begin in the 1990s as most people think. However, the 1990s was the decade when they were popularized, and nobody believed that people would be swapping their phones for new ones in two years or less. Most carriers offer deals which last at least two years, i.e. people need to pay off their new phones in a period of two years’ time. Sometimes people decide to buy a new smartphone before the contract expires, and the logical question that arises is can I sell my iPhone if I still owe money.

It is not legal to sell a phone that’s under contract

It might be possible, but the short answer is – no, you can’t sell your iPhone if you haven’t paid it off. Because if a phone is not paid off, you might stop paying your monthly rates and then the carrier will report your phone and the IMEI number will be blacklisted. Gizmogo checks the IMEI numbers before we buy a phone and if you haven’t paid off your phone, it will not be possible to get a clear and sell your phone.

Gizmogo is a legitimate company and we work strictly in accordance with the law. We don’t accept phones that have been lost or stolen, or phones that are still not fully owned by you. When the phone is still under contract, that phone is still not owned by you – hence the phrase under contract.

The process of selling a phone on gizmogo is the following. First you choose the model of the phone that you would like to sell. Next you give us information on the phone and its state. The first question is about the carrier, the next question is about the capacity, that is the memory capacity. The third and the most important question is about the phone’s condition. You can get money even if the phone is damaged.

After we evaluate the phone on the basis of your answers we will give you a quote. But, before you send your phone, you will need to verify the phone, i.e. its IMEI, so we can confirm that it is an original phone. If you still owe money, you will not be able to complete this phase of the process. So, let’s go back to the original question – can I sell my iPhone if I still owe money? – and the answer, which is no.

What other options are at your disposal

So, what options are at your disposal if you still owe money. Well, there are few options. You can check if you have other old phones, or electronic devices, lying in a drawer somewhere, and sell them. Remember, gizmogo buys a wide range of devices, not just smartphones. Then, once you pay off your phone, you can sell it immediately after you pay the last installment. Just follow the process outlined above. Since most contracts last either one year or two years, you can get a pretty decent price on a phone that has been bought a year or two years earlier.

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