Looking to sell your smartphone? Gizmogo vs Swappa – which is better?

Looking to sell your smartphone? Gizmogo vs Swappa – which is better?

The market for used electronic devices, particularly phones is very large. People tend to replace their phones with newer versions in two years or less and considering that there are many good deals that allow them to pay for their phones in installments and not a lump sum. When it comes to buying and selling used electronic devices there are plenty of platforms and websites that either allow people to make peer to peer deals or buy old devices directly and then repurpose, resell or recycle them. Maybe the best way to illustrate the two concepts is to compare Gizmogo vs Swappa.

How Swappa works

Swappa is a platform where people can buy and sell old devices. So, Swappa just provides the platform, the medium and people who would like to sell their old device, directly connect with the potential buyers. This is an interesting model, as the company only guarantees that the transaction and the transfer of the device. There are a lot of areas where similar models are implemented. One example of a large platform that allows people to buy and sell devices is eBay and, in a way, Swappa works in a similar way but it is limited to electronic devices and people generally use it for smartphones.

Swappa claims that the platform is different than eBay because it only allows approved listings and sellers can only sell devices that are fully functional. Broken devices are not allowed at Swappa. Payments are conducted via PayPal, so they are fast and secure.

When a seller finds a buyer and they agree on the price, the seller sends the phone directly to the buyer. If you are trying to sell a device at Swappa, you will still need to find a buyer that is willing to meet your price. If that doesn’t happen soon enough, you might need to reconsider your asking price and perhaps settle for a lower price.

Another option which eases the transactions, i.e. gives you a better opportunity to buy a used phone or to sell your used phone, that is Swappa Local. With this service you could connect with people who live in your area and are interested in buying a device like the one you’re selling, or in the case if you’re buying a device, they are selling a device of the kind you’re looking for.

Gizmogo’s model

Gizmogo is a slightly different model. Yes, both allow you to sell your smartphone and that’s why we are doing this Gizmogo vs Swappa comparison, but that’s where the similarities end. Gizmogo buys the electronic devices directly from the sellers, so there is no peer to peer selling here.

Gizmogo buys a wide range of devices, not just smartphones and tablets. The list is pretty long, and it includes speakers, headphones, cameras, drones, kindles and a lot more. The process of selling your used device is very simple and you can get a quote in just few minutes.

This is how the process works. You choose the device that you would like to sell, let’s say that it’s a phone. You choose Phones from the ‘Sell Your Device’ menu and then if you have trouble finding the exact model that you would like to sell, you can refine the devices by brand which would make things a lot easier for you.

Below the icon for the model you will see the maximum amount that you can get for that model. For instance, if you’d like to sell an iPhone X, the maximum amount that you can get is $388.

Once you select the smartphone that you want to sell, you will need to give us some information so we can do an initial estimate and give you a price. First you will need to give us an info on your carrier. In addition to the four carriers – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, you can also choose Other or Unlocked. These options are pretty self-explanatory and they don’t have the biggest impact on the price that Gizmogo will offer, it is more important for the company to know.

The next question is capacity. And this depends on the phone version. For the one that we took as an example, the options are the following – 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

The third question is the most important question, this pretty much determines the price. The offered options are brand new, like new, good or damaged. Brand new is understandable – this is a phone that hasn’t been used before, it is still sealed in its original package and has never been activated before.

Like new is also a phone that hasn’t been used, or as stated in the description – with no signs of use. Also, the phone has to be fully functional and without any operational problems. There can be no cracks or scratches and the battery has to be in working order and in good standing. A phone that’s in a good position is a phone that has been used and that is clearly visible. So, minor scratches are allowed, but the phone has to be fully functional and the phone can’t have any operational problems.

Finally, there’s the last option and first let us tell you that you shouldn’t worry because you can get money even if your phone is damaged. If the phone is damaged, you will need to answer a few more questions, namely if the screen fully lights up and does it power on. In the end, if the phone that you’re selling is an iPhone, you will also need to provide information on whether the Apple ID is locked. If the Apple ID is not locked, you will get a better price.

Once all the questions are answered, Gizmogo will verify the IMEI number, because it is only possible to sell original phones. You are of course instructed to sign out of your iCloud account and delete all personal information before you send the phone. Gizmogo will send you a free shipping label, so you won’t have to pay a cent. Once Gizmogo receives your phone they will reevaluate it and you will get your money within 24 hours.

Final verdict

So, do we have a winner in the Gizmogo vs Swappa matchup. Gizmogo is a much simpler option, everything is conducted faster and you can sell a wider range of devices. However, if you prefer peer to peer selling, then Swappa would be a better option for you.

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