Selling Your Old iPhone? Here’s How You Can Get The Best Price

Selling Your Old iPhone? Here’s How You Can Get The Best Price

When you have an old iPhone lying around your office or home desk, you may start getting the thoughts of selling it off.

Well, the idea is good, as in some cases you may not even know if the product is worth being bought or not.

But still, we want to get a good price for this device, right?

That’s what this post can help you with. Here you are going to read about X best ways to make sure that your used iPhone is sold at a good price.

1. Clean Up The Device

Well, if you can make your iPhone look good, you can surely make it sell for a fair price.

After all, what looks good, sells good.

And this pointer is about the same. So, take out your phone and clean it up. To start with, use a dry cloth or cleaning paper, and then a wet wipe or an electronics cleaning solution.

This will help you get a better deal for your used iPhone.

2. Offer Accessories

When you are selling your old iPhone along with a few accessories, its value automatically increases in the eyes of the buyer.

So, whether it’s the box, earphones, data cable, adaptor or some of your most favourite iPhone cases, offer them to the buyer when you are handing over the device.

This will also make the new owner get a feeling of authenticity towards the device that they are buying.

3. Present the Bill

If you wish to sell your used iPhone for a good price, it would be best if you sell it along with the bill.

And we say so because offering the invoice to your iPhone’s new owner will help you establish trust in their mind.

As a result, they may accept you and your deal for genuineness and something that they can trust. And well, whatever we can trust, its value automatically goes up.

Also, remember that even the Apple service centre asks for the bill whenever we reach them with a problem that cropped up in our device.

4. Sell It On an Online Portal

One of the best ways of getting the best value out of your used iPhone is by selling it on an online portal.

These websites are certified buyers of such devices that no one else may care to spend their money on.

And the best part is that you wouldn’t have to care about the box or accessories. Whether you have them, or not, on these websites you can still get a good buck for your used iPhone.

So, whether you are trying to sell your iPhone 5 or 11 Pro Max, on these sites, you can do it all with ease, and for a reasonable price.

Final words

If you want to sell your used iPhone and make some good money out of the deal, you may have to use some good ideas. In this post, we shared four such ideas.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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