I know I can sell an iPhone, but can I sell my iPhone box?!

June 26, 2020

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I know I can sell an iPhone, but can I sell my iPhone box?!

There are millions of old phones lying around in drawers and all over people’s houses and not selling them, is practically losing money. If you have one or few old phones that you could sell, check gizmogo and see how much we could offer you for these devices. Yes, you surely know that you can sell your iPhone, but in case you’re wondering, can I sell my iPhone box, you probably can.

Let us tell you that you’re looking to sell a phone, but you don’t have the original box, you shouldn’t worry, you’ll still be able to sell it, we can send you a prepaid shipping box and you can use it to ship your old phone if you like the price that gizmogo has offered.

Who would be buying an old iPhone box?

So, if you want to keep your iPhone box, that’s alright as well. But gizmogo isn’t the place where you can sell an iPhone box. We only buy e-devices, regardless whether you keep the original box or not. There are people who are buying old iPhone boxes, so that means that the answer to your original question: can I sell my iPhone box? is yes.

Why may someone be looking to buy an old iPhone box, you might be wondering. Well, they might want to ship something that’s of great value and they want to ensure the highest possible level of protection. Or they might have an old iPhone without box, so they would like a box to match. You should know that it is not very likely to get a very good price on an iPhone box, and then there’s always the issue of shipping that you should consider. When you’re selling an item to somebody, one of you, or both should cover the shipping costs as well. And when the price of the item is really low, that might be a problem.

Boxes usually come with an IMEI number

There’s one thing that you should take into consideration when discussing iPhone boxes. Most boxes also feature an IMEI number. That’s the same IMEI number that’s displayed on the phone that was originally in that box. So, sometimes people who are trying to sell iPhones that have been lost or stolen, want to obtain an original iPhone box, so the phone would look authentic. Although you can’t get in trouble for selling your iPhone box, this is something that you should know.

Let’s talk where can you sell your iPhone box. You should probably be looking at popular platforms that people are using to sell and buy things. There are also groups on social media and if you don’tmind haggling and bargaining, you might try the local flee market. If you’re selling your old iPhone box online, make sure that you have clearly stated that you’re selling the box alone.

Yeah, it should be understood that when you’re saying that you’re selling an iPhone box it is just the box, but some people may fall under the impression that you’re selling an iPhone at a bargain price and then complain when they receive an empty box. This is not a common occurrence, but it has happened before.

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