The new PS5 will be out soon, I might sell my PS4

The new PS5 will be out soon, I might sell my PS4

If you are a fan of PlayStation, you surely know that the fifth version of the worlds’ most popular video game console is set to be released this year, in time to be available for the holiday sales. Sony hasn’t set a final release date, nor a price, but it is expected that it will be the most expensive PlayStation model ever and that it will surely exceed the price of its predecessor which was sold for $399.99 back in 2013.

Namely, it is has been reported that the PS5 will surely cost above $450, with some placing the price of a PS5 featuring a disc-drive closer to the $600 mark. While we are there, that it is one of the novelties. There will be two variants, a Blu-ray compatible console which will support retail games, as well as a cheaper variant that will lack the disk and only support digital download.

If you’re a massive PlayStation fan, you are surely considering buying the new console as soon as possible. Therefore, you might be thinking, I should sell my PS4 and, generally speaking, that’s not a terrible idea. A lot of people do that and that idea can be applied not just to consoles, but pretty much everything.

One of Sony’s finest game systems

The PS4 is still a great consoles, even though it’s been more than 6 years since its release. It was praised as one of the most powerful consoles, and certainly the most powerful console of its time. It was released roughly at the same time as Xbox One and most critics decided in favor of the PS, almost unanimously.

The consoles’ controllers were improved, compared to the previous models and one of its strongest points was the fact that Sony responded positively to the market and gave gamers what they needed and expected. Namely, there were no strict digital rights provisions, compared to what Microsoft did with their Xbox one, so that’s one of reasons why many gamers preferred the PS4 over its most fierce competitor. Thus resulted in a large playing field for a lot of independent game developers and some of their titles had tremendous success.

The PS4 was Sony’s second best-selling console, behind the legendary PS2, as well as the second best-selling console in total. It is a quote of a legacy, we are yet to see whether the PS5 will live up it, but one thing is certain, it is definitely time to move one, and that’s why you’re thinking ‘I should sell my PS4’.

How much can I get if I sell my PS4

Who would be buying a PS4 now that PS5 is scheduled for release, you might be thinking? Well, we at Gizmogo are buying old consoles and all sorts of devices, so that is the best answer to the question ‘where can I sell my PS4’?

In fact, you can get up to $136 for a PS4, up to $158 for a PS4 Slim and up to $191 for a PS4 Pro. The price depends on the console’s capacity and it’s current condition, so if your PS4 is in a brand new condition and it has a 1TB capacity you will get the maximum price.

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