10 things you didn’t know you can do with your old tablet right now


Sell Your old tablet that’s collecting dust could be collecting money for you.


You like your older tablet but you just don’t love it or use it anymore. You replaced your tablet with the rest of your shiny tech equipment. You haven’t touched it in months. You just can’t bring yourself to donate it to the local Goodwill Store. How long can you pretend it’s still your favorite? 

This raises the question “Are you hoarding useless items?” “Are you stuck?” If you are, we have an easy and fun fix for you.

Welcome to the brave new world of found money.

 A buyer might pay you $100 for it. 

Ask yourself what you really want right now

A new look?  Hot clothes? A new guitar?  $100 Cash? A trip? Fun and adventure?  A new phone? Pay a debt? Treat yourself and a friend?

$100 can offer you a break from your daily routine and enables you to pursue a couple of your dreams and material needs. 

Contact us at www.gizmogo.com and learn how to easily sell your tablet now.

You’ll never look at your used equipment in the same way again!!

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